Driftwood on Lake Champlain with storm clouds. Burlington, Vermont

There is something quite peaceful and serene about driftwood on a beach and lately I have been enamored with making images of this type. I really like the strong foreground elements that you have when shooting driftwood and the backgrounds that you can get on Lake Champlain gives the whole image a sense of place. In the spring is when the driftwood is heaviest especially during all of the flooding we had here early in the year. The winter months can add a new dimension to images like this with snow or swift moving clouds overhead. It’s amazing how the landscapes especially here along the lake change from month to month!

I found this piece of driftwood walking along the waterfront boardwalk here and I struggled with this one for two days before I got the right shot I was looking for. On the first day I was here at sunset and struggled for about an hour to shoot this piece of driftwood. The clouds were horrible and I just was not feeling the shot at all. I came back early in the morning the following day and got the right conditions that I wanted with some storm clouds overhead for good measure!

Below is an image of how I had positioned the camera to make the image. This is something I am going to start doing with every image post (When I can remember!) as I thought it would give an added dimension to the image and how I went about shooting it. I only wish I had a shot of how I had to contort my body to get down and low to set up for this image!

Image Data: ISO 200. 19mm. F11 @ 70 seconds. UV filter and a Lee Big Stopper 10 stop neutral density filter.

The camera position for the above image! The beach is slightly sloped downwards here so getting low to set up was quite awkward!


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