Why Did I Shoot That? 7/16/2011

Sunrise at Oakledge Park in Burlington, Vermont with rock formation.

Today’s Why Did I Shoot That? image while good, Had several flaws which kept me from posting it. The formation of rocks here at Oakledge Park changes size and shape with the water levels and here I thought that the rocks were interesting enough to shoot. When I looked at the image later the rocks just did not thrill me, Their placement seemed kind of jumbled to me and the rocks in the foreground were quite soft in focus. The image required a lot of work to edit which I am not a fan of…The following is a list of edits and flaws:

1. Straighten horizon and fix slight lens distortion

2. Distracting diving markers in the water and their shadows were removed

3. Foreground rocks were sharpened slightly

4. so-so composition with the rocks

5. Well past sunrise so I lost the colors, horizon is too bright, not much cloud movement

6. slight crop to remove a dust spot in the cloud area

It was mostly the clouds here in this one that bothered me. They were the tail end of some clouds moving through the area and were moving sooooo slowly that you can’t see much movement in the long exposure. Not a terrible image but just one that needed quite a bit of work. I suppose that’s the beauty of living so close to this location…I can return anytime!

Image Data: ISO 100. 19mm. F11 @ 170 seconds. UV filter and a Lee Big Stopper neutral density filter.


5 thoughts on “Why Did I Shoot That? 7/16/2011

  1. I actually like this compositionally. You’ve got foreground, the rocks in the mid-ground form an arrow head (vaguely) with the dark rock at the left edge and the sky is good. I copied this over to Photoshop and desaturated Cyan and Blue and that looked better to me – it lightened the image quite a bit. I find the intensity of the color as it is a little overwhelming.

    • Agreed Andy…I did not do any white balance fixing which would have fixed the color. Generally with the big stopper the images have a cool color cast to them which means more blue in an image. It’s easily corrected but in this case I left it in because it was on of the things that bothered me about the image.

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