Amber Glow

Sunset on Lake Champlain in Burlington, Vermont. The Burlington Boathouse is in the background with a rather large chunk of granite in the foreground!

Vermont is a granite state with a long history of mining the precious and expensive stone. The famous Rock Of Ages quarry is located in Barre, Vermont about an hour away from where I live. In fact granite is so common here that we just toss big boulders of it into Lake Champlain like they were candy! It’s no big deal, There is plenty of it to go around! No seriously I am kidding about that but as you walk along the Burlington waterfront you will come across an odd assortment of granite pieces like this one here.

The water levels are quite low right now making this particular piece visible and I happened to catch it a few weeks ago just as the last amber rays of sun were striking the face of the smooth piece of rock. I was really attracted to how the piece of stone was pointing directly over to a public boathouse that you can see in the background. Quite a number of boats are docked here in the Summer and the area is quite busy in the warmer months.

I would have liked to have done a long exposure here but with the rapidly setting sun I would have had to have cranked the ISO up a little higher than I would normally like in order to keep the exposure time reasonable. Here I went with some of camera flash to very gently on a low power setting illuminate the rocks in the foreground. The rocks here were quite dark and I wanted them to stick out a little more.

Image Data: ISO 100. 17mm. F11 @ 1/6.


6 thoughts on “Amber Glow

  1. Terrific shot Andy, I love how you’ve composed this with the large slab of granite pointed toward the house (?) in the background. Using flash to softly highlight the foreground worked beautifully and the toning just tops of the whole image.

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