Fresh Snow

Fresh snow with driftwood and storm clouds. Oakledge Park. Burlington, Vermont. Below is a second image showing how I placed the camera and tripod.

Technically this was our second snowfall here in town but the first one happened during my work week and disappeared so fast you wouldn’t have known it even happened! Finally we got a tiny bit of snow yesterday so I grabbed my gear and quickly headed out in the morning to see what kind of compositions I could find. In this image you can see the clouds which are the back-end of the storm system that came through the night before. Amazingly enough right after I shot this the clouds parted, The sun came out and the snow mostly melted away.

I like this small point of land that sticks out into the lake at this park and I have been looking at it for a while trying to somehow capture it. Here I had my chance with this gnarly looking piece of drift wood to help anchor the foreground. Here you can also see that the water levels are low which exposes shoreline in the area we don’t normally get to see. It’s great because it changes the landscape a bit and can give you more options for compositions! What you can’t see here is the wind which made long exposures difficult. I made several attempts before I settled on a thirty-second exposure to smooth the water a bit and get a sharp image.

Image Data: ISO 100. 17mm. F8 @ 30 seconds. UV filter and a Lee Big Stopper.

Below is an image of my camera set up and how I made the shot:

My camera position for this composition!


6 thoughts on “Fresh Snow

  1. Amazing shot here! I love shooting dead driftwood like this – always a perfect foreground element. Great job on the black and white and I love that you show your camera position for the shot very cool!

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