Why Did I Shoot That? 6/25/2011

Storm clouds and boats at sunrise on Lake Champlain. Shot from Perkins Pier.

Today’s image is a tribute to my grandmother Francis who passed away yesterday. The past few months were rough for her as she fell a couple of times and had two strokes. She passed away quietly in her sleep and I felt that this image really conveyed the end of one journey for her and the beginning of another.

In reviewing this image I am not sure why I never posted this one. It’s a sunrise image that I took after the flood waters receded which allowed my to get out to the end of Perkins pier to make the shot. There isn’t much wrong with it except that  the horizon is in the middle of the frame and there was a little too much of the foreground water showing.I can’t complain too much about this one…I have a slightly different version that I will be using for a magazine submission that is almost identical.

In any case the somber feel of the image along with some of the themes contained within it made this one fitting to post today.

Image Data: ISO 100. 27mm. F11 @ 1/8.


4 thoughts on “Why Did I Shoot That? 6/25/2011

  1. First I want to send my condolonces to you and your family. I lost my grandmother a few years ago so I know what you’re experiencing.

    This is an absolutely gorgeous photo. I enjoy black and white photos because the lack of color allows the viewer to focus more on the subject of the photo. I thought the horizon was perfect right where it is. It sort of divides the photo – one half is the tranquil waters of the lake and the other half shows the commotion of the storm clouds. Anyhow, great photo!

    If you find a moment, please visit my photoblog at http://eversince1983.wordpress.com/ and follow me on Twitter @jerryorbe.


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