Why Did I Shoot That? 8/22/2011

Here is the corrected black and white conversion. Scroll down to the bottom of the post to see the original capture without edits.

In today’s image we have a typical sunrise scene from the waterfront here in Burlington. I was walking around early one morning and I saw the opportunity to take a long exposure here with the streaking clouds above. I really liked this composition because to me it told a story about the activity that goes on here even early in the morning. There are boats, Barge poles and a moody sort of dark feel from this early morning image. I was drawn to this composition because of the barge pole and boat in the foreground but I also liked the nautical feel to the image.

The boat in the foreground belongs to the University of Vermont and they use it to conduct research out on Lake Champlain. This image had its share of problems and I was disappointed with the results however I look forward to trying to re-shoot this composition in the Summer when the boats return here. The major changes I made here were:

1. Crop and straighten. Fix some slight lens distortion.

2. White balance was off but due in part to the Lee Big Stopper. Easy fix.

3. My exposure was way off. Much to dark out resulting in a really long exposure.

4. Had to crank the ISO to 400 which is what I like to call a “long exposure killer.”

5. High ISO + too much exposure time = grainy image. 😦

6. A persistent dust spot which I tried to fix but proved quite challenging. This would need a little more work if I were to print this one. I would also probably add some grain back into this one as a black and white for a print.

Image Data: ISO 400 (Don’t ever go this high with a long exposure!) 17mm. F11 @ 243 seconds. Lee Big Stopper neutral density filter.

Below is the original camera raw capture with no edits or processing:

The original capture with no edits. I really wanted this image to work. There is some weird banding in the bottom right corner dark area but this is because I had to save this as a Jpeg. This banding is not present in the raw file.


6 thoughts on “Why Did I Shoot That? 8/22/2011

  1. There’s certainly an opportunity for a good image here. The POV works well. Leaving aside the issues you list [that obviously you can correct on your next visit] I would try to aim for a different type of cluster of boats. The problem I see in this image is that the ‘layers’ of boats become a little confusing. Contrasting colours would help that, or for the foreground boat to be smaller allowing the ones behind to have their own space. Just my thoughts. I’m going to try this idea of yours out in the new year. A little bit of positive ‘critique’ can help us all.

  2. Looks really cool. I don’t see the banding to much in the mono version. Were you using a CP or VND filter by chance? Sometimes those can cause that issue. It’s funny cause I never ever see that problem in any other color but blue; never! Just me I guess.

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