Two Of A Kind

My partner Alison and I at Oakledge Park in Burlington, Vermont at sunset.

Alison (My beautiful, adoring, fantastic architect of my social media life partner) and I don’t have too many photos of us together and when I got out of work the other night I saw that the conditions were pretty good for a sunset shot down by the lake. The skies were clear but damn was it cold! I had enough time to take about five images before we just got way to cold to be standing by the water. This was a pretty simple shot but I lost the nice pinks in the sky setting up as the sun went down pretty quick.

The setup for this image was pretty simple…Camera on my tripod with my Canon speedlight attached to a light stand on an off camera shoe cord. I did not have my diffuser with me for the flash so this is straight flash at 1/8 power. The only two issues I had was that I did not have any gels for the flash to blend the light into the sunset and the way I am turned makes my face look fat. Another flash would have been great here but in the end I thought this was a nice image.


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