Reaching Out

Some exposed rocks due to low water levels in Lake Champlain. Burlington, Vermont. Scroll down to the bottom to see how I set up my camera!

My intention is to head into the mountains this week to try and get some snow filled images but down here in the valley’s the snow coverage is weak to say the least. This small piece of land is normally covered by water but the low water levels in the lake persist and are allowing me to get some interesting shots of the shoreline. I think this one would be better with a little snow on it but I will take what I can get this Winter!

I like the composition here as the rocks form a nice curve leading out to the lighthouse and breakwater beyond. The Winter months are the best to shoot in this spot as the view is unobstructed. In the Summer there are boats moored out in the water and the view isn’t as nice. This image was problematic for me as it had a weird diagonal sort of smudge which appeared in the clouds. It was  almost like a straight line of gudge was on my filter but it was so faint I could hardly see it in processing.

It took me awhile to post this one as I wanted to correct the weird aberration in the clouds. You really don’t want to know how long I stared at this one in disappointment trying to fix it. I wasn’t too crazy about the clouds in this one but it does have the Winter mood I was going for.

Image Data: ISO 100. 17mm. F14 @ 70 seconds.

Here is a setup image of how I had the camera positioned. It's a really flat piece of land so getting any lower on this one would have made for an uninteresting composition.


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