Why Did I Shoot That? 9/7/2011

    Long exposure of boats on Lake Champlain From Perkins Pier in Burlington, Vermont

When I made this image back in September I originally was thinking of shooting for the reflections that were coming from the boats in the water. For some strange reason I was also thinking long exposure at the same time and I put the big stopper on my lens and made this image instead. Maybe I am just getting old but the water was fairly still here and a reflection shot I think would have been a better choice here. I never took into account that even though the water was pretty still, The boats were drifting ever so slowly during the exposure and I wasn’t crazy about the results.

The clouds here were very wimpy and slow-moving and the boat drift caused the double mast both in the reflection and above the water. There wasn’t enough static components to this image to anchor the shot and the ones that were present like the lighthouse and barge poles were much too distant. It’s an ok image but one that is slightly flawed. I do like the streaky effect on the boats so i keep this one in the photo library!

Image Data: ISO 100. 38mm. F11 @ 120 seconds. UV filter and  lee Big Stopper neutral density filter.


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