Why Did I Shoot That? 8/8/2011

Long exposure of Perkins Pier with clouds. Burlington, Vermont. ISO 100. 17mm. F11 @ 45 seconds.

Today’s image is one that I liked initially but in looking at it many times since August it is one that in the end I was never quite happy with as a long exposure image. This is a nice Summer scene of Perkins Pier after sunrise and I was hoping for a little more oomph in the composition. I am standing on one of the only granite blocks that sits low in the water to get this comp but it seemed “square” and a little flat to me in review. The thing you really have to be careful of is the white hulls of all the boats in the background. When the sun reaches a certain position it strikes those hulls and washes them out…Difficult to correct for in post. The other thing I was disappointed in were the clouds. Here they were quite wispy and really not moving very fast…Coupled with bright sun and it made for uninteresting clouds.

As a bonus today I am including an image from off to camera left from the flooding we had in the spring that I found in my image library. In the above image on the barge poles you can clearly see a white water line on the poles and this was were the water level was for well over a month of the spring! This bottom image I shot with a 75-300 Canon lens from a few hundred yards away. As you can see the flooding was quite extensive with the water level being about 10 feet over normal levels. I believe it got up to 12 or so before finally receding.

Perkins Pier flooding of Lake Champlain in 2011


3 thoughts on “Why Did I Shoot That? 8/8/2011

  1. I do like the image, and think maybe a change in your position would have yielded different results. I think the clouds are nice thought. The peaceful, quick whispers do have their place. That flood picture is awesome though. You said so much with it, and it is really a simple image. Well done.

  2. It’s an interesting image. I do like the reflections and the water from the poles. The clouds are wispy, but nothing overly wrong with that. I think maybe you feel that way because there are a bunch of competing lines in the pier on the left of the image; makes the eye bounce around.

    The second image is pretty powerful IMO. I like it allot.

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