Time Is Fleeting

Ice formation over rocks on Lake Champlain. Oakledge Park. Burlington. Vermont

Today’s image has double meaning for me as this was the last long exposure that I was able to save in post processing from a premature deletion. I am sending the filter back to Lee for possible replacement because as most of my loyal followers may know it seems to have developed a weird black streak inside the glass. I really wanted this image to work as I loved the composition so I worked hard to rescue it. The image itself was very difficult to pull off and it took me just about an hour to make this image. I worked hard to get this one and that’s the other reason why it is special to me…I hung in there with the composition and the difficult shooting conditions and realized my vision for the scene.

Over time during the Winter the waves coming ashore form these very unique ice formations on the rocks along Lake Champlain. I spotted this image and knew I had to make a long exposure here but the rocks were covered in a thick sheet of glare ice…Almost impossible to stand on let alone set up a tripod on. The composition with the opening in the ice here was very close to the ground requiring me to add my trusty ice spikes to the tripod’s feet and to also do some serious wrangling with my trusty Induro tripod to get it into position. The center column I have is too long to get close to the ground but I moved one of the legs into a completely horizontal position with the ice spike stuck into the rocks right behind the camera and I was able to angle the ballhead slightly forward and make the image!

I forgot to mention that the ice I am standing on with the camera is so slippery that when I would stand up to set up the ten stop filter I would slide backwards. I had to sit on the ice very carefully and gingerly make the long exposure…Otherwise I was headed into the drink with all of my gear! I really liked the s curve of the ice leading into this image…I am certainly glad that I stuck this one out! Less Than 24 hours later it warmed up to about 40 degrees with a full day of rain wiping this ice formation out forever. Never miss an opportunity.

Image Data: ISO 100. 17mm. F11 @ 41 seconds. UV Filter and a Lee Big Stopper.


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