Trapped In Ice

Driftwood trapped in ice on Lake Champlain.

Most of the water on Lake Champlain near where I live in Burlington is still open with no ice so in today’s image I had to travel 10 minutes down the road to Colchester where I grew up to find some! I made this image on the Colchester bike causeway which is an extension of the bike path that runs along the waterfront in Burlington. It’s actually an old railroad system that ran out into the Champlain Islands which had been converted over into a bike path. This path used to run continuously from Burlington out to this chain of islands on the lake but the serious flooding we had in the spring of 2011 damaged parts of the causeway so severely that the section some several hundred yards from where I took this image is still closed off.

I was fortunate to have a cold Winter day with moderate wind but the gloomy clouds make this image. I froze my butt off composing this but I was alone and it was actually quite peaceful being on the ice. I was sticking close to shore here as the ice several feet out was slushy and cracking as I walked on it. Better to be safe than to go into the drink…In fact as I shot this image I was sitting on the ice and I could hear and feel the waves underneath the ice!

Image Data: ISO 100. 17mm. F11 @ 1/20. Cokin P series filter holder with a circular polarizer.


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