A Death In Our Family

The best pitbull ever...Sharona.

Life can change in an instant and can often throw curve balls at you when you least expect it. Sadly our pit bull Sharona passed away yesterday a few weeks shy of turning fourteen years old. I came home from work on Monday afternoon last week and she was unable to use her hind legs. We are not sure but somehow she injured her back between Sunday and Monday afternoon most likely from slipping on ice which we have a lot of around at the moment. She valiantly tried to continue her daily routines but walking and going to the bathroom were much too difficult for her to do on her own. Alison and I spent the week carrying her everywhere and caring for her as best we could.

While she did improve slightly in the end we decided it was best that she be put to sleep. Her mind and all of her faculties were there but it was her body that was giving out. She was so strong physically that it was heartbreaking to watch her struggle and we knew this was not the quality of life that we wanted for her. She had a good life and we were lucky to have her. She was an even tempered and gentle animal and an example of all of the best traits of the pit bull breed. We are fortunate to have a great vet who does house calls and she passed away surrounded by Alison and I and all of our other pets.

On a side note I have been toying with the idea of experimenting with adding textures to images and I decided that this one would be a good first try. The original image while properly exposed had a boring white couch for a background and I really wanted something special to honor the alpha dog of our house and I liked the antique feel of this image. It was a simple layered file with a layer mask over the texture layer to paint out some of the texture. Full attribute and kudos for providing all of the great textures goes to Caleb Kimbrough and his website http://lostandtaken.com. If you like texture work then check out this site!


25 thoughts on “A Death In Our Family

  1. Oh so sorry for your loss andy. She looks like she was a sweet. I know what its like and its heartbreaking to lose a dog that’s as special as a friend and family member. The picture is beautiful and a great way to honour her memory.

  2. My heart is broken for you today, Andy. What a beautiful friend here, and you’ve really shared a fitting memory of her for everyone to share. You and your family are definitely in our thoughts and prayers today, my friend.

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