Faded Boardwalk

The boardwalk on the Burlington, Vermont waterfront. Three image HDR capture with a faded paper texture. Texture courtesy of lostandtaken.com

There are many, Varied reasons why I have not done any HDR work in over a year but the short answer is that I was feeling like my HDR images lacked a certain mood or punch if you will. I have been going over my archive of work from the past few years and while I have no complaints about my HDR images I felt like most of them were just pictures and they needed some more artistic intent to make them come alive. This past week on my days off I decided I wanted to dive into HDR again a little and it goes hand in hand with my new love of the textured image.

I have always loved the chaos in Jackson Pollack’s paintings as well as the surrealism of Salvador Dali and in a way this is my own attempt at stepping out from my norm and adding my passion for that type of art into my photography. I wanted to step out of the shoot image…edit…repeat mold and try something a bit different. I have begun experimenting with layered image files and textures and so far have enjoyed the results. I have much to learn as I have seen some excellent work by other photographers online but I hope in the process I can open up another dimension in my work!

Below is the original HDR image after processing in Photomatix Pro and Lightroom. I really did like this image…I got a spot on exposure with the brackets and the images were sharp from the wood in the boardwalk all the way back to the bench and viewer in the background….

The original three image capture. If my old brain remembers correctly I believe the brackets were at +/- 2/3. The initial exposure was taken with the camera set to spot meter and I metered off of the bright spots in the clouds.

Here is a shot of all of the layers involved in the textured image above…

All of the layers for the textured final image.

You can see the copied image layer with the paper texture over that. I added a Brightness/ Contrast layer to that and using the lasso tool I free hand drew and darkened the natural vignette present in the paper layer and faded it just a touch to blend it in a bit better into the actual image. I am curious to know what you all think of this one…It’s a bit of a departure from my usual work.


5 thoughts on “Faded Boardwalk

  1. I like it – alot! The deck boards in the foreground pull my eye to the bench and the texture layer with the b/w conversion adds a great vintage feel to it. It was interesting to see how you created the vignette, I had not thought of that before and have been using vignette sliders in LR to do this. Fantastic job Andy!

  2. Can’t believe I missed this the other day. Fantastic work Andy. I really like both images and while I do like textures I have to say in this case that I really like the original tonemapped image. I like what the texture does for the bottom half of the shot (the boardwalk) but not for the top part.

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