Leading Line

A crack in ice on Lake Champlain leading to some distant mountains. Colchester, Vermont

A few weeks ago I went on a search for ice out on the lake and I was successful in finding some in the smaller, more protected bays. Out in the distance off to camera right was open water due to our warm Winter and the ice here was thick enough to support me but thin enough to hear the waves underneath it…Yikes! With the freeze/thaw cycles that we get and the motion of the water constantly moving and shifting the ice these great cracks and lines will form in the surface layers.

I was fortunate on the hike back to my truck to spy this really great crack so I headed back out onto the ice to grab a frame. The best part about this crack was that in the distance it follows a line of reeds which are sticking out above the surface of the ice and it leads you back to the mountains beyond. A pretty good shooting day with the good cloud formations above and the small opening that appeared just above the crack in the ice!

Image Data: ISO 100. 17mm. F11 @ 1/15. Cokin P series filter holder with a circular polarizer and a Galen Rowell 2 stop graduated neutral density filter.


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