Winter’s Bite

Ice formations on rock on Lake Champlain. Oakledge Park. Burlington, Vermont

This image was a test of my abilities as a contortionist and I certainly felt it in my body when I was done making this image! These icicles were formed underneath a pretty large piece of rock and to get into position here I had to lay down on my belly on top of rock and slick ice to crawl into position here. A difficult shot for sure because of the tight, confined space and the slope of the shoreline I could not use a tripod. Hand holding the camera was my only option but to get the right height and composition I had to place my mittens folded, underneath the camera body and then try to keep it as still as I could. The reward was worth it as I got just a couple of sharp images and the composition was great with the icicles and the rocks beyond.

While I was making this shot I had envisioned the shadow areas fading into the sky which I wanted to be blown out slightly. The composition reminded me of teeth inside the mouth of some giant creature waiting for it’s next meal! I had to tweak the original slightly to lighten up the highlight areas and I added in some focus blur magic in Focal Point 2. I wanted the rocks in the background to be out of focus and I think I got the results I was looking for.

Image Data: ISO 100. 39mm. F11 @ 1/25.


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