25 Cents

Instruction plate on a metal pole on the Burlington, Vermont waterfront. Three image HDR capture. Texture layers courtesy of lostandtaken.com See the original HDR file and the Photoshop layer file below!

I made this image a few weeks ago while out on a little HDR mission around town and the resulting textured image file was what I saw in my mind when I took the series of brackets. It’s hard to explain but often I see an image in a certain way before I even shoot it and with a little tweaking in Photoshop my idea became a reality. On our waterfront we have a few of these viewer gizmos so that you can see across Lake Champlain and I zeroed in on the small instruction plate here.

Here is the HDR image after processing in Photomatix Pro:

The combined HDR image. I had my camera set to +/- 1 ec.

I like this image but I wanted to get rid of the railing and water behind the instruction plate because I felt it was a bit distracting. I also gave the image a bit of distortion in Lightroom to move the plate a little closer to the front. A good image but not quite there yet in my eyes.

The Layers in Photoshop:

All of the layers for this image and the layer mask I used to blend.

As you can see the first three layers on the bottom were my original imported files and the next three were the copied layers. The opacity of the top layer was set to 87% with the style set to overlay. On the layer mask I set the opacity to about 50% as I wanted to blend in a bit the two texture layers. I used an old film layer and a scratched metal layer to make the final combined texture for the image.


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