Ice formations and rushing water from a waterfall. Underhill, Vermont

I was focused mainly on getting some nice texture to the water here in this image…It took several frames to get what I was after but I think the results were what I wanted. I was hiking up this river a few weeks ago near Mount Mansfield and lucky for me I now have 4WD in my truck so I can get to this location in the Wintertime. While the road to this trailhead is not steep, It is somewhat curvy, narrow and icy making it difficult to get here without a good vehicle.

Hiking these streams is a challenge right now as they are covered with ice but with the warm to cold days we have been having this winter the ice can be thin in spots. With my trusty tripod leading the way I inched out onto this shelf of rock, covered ice because I homed in on the shape of the ice formation here with the rushing water flowing by. I really liked this detail shot rather than a composition of the whole waterfall…I thought this was the most interesting part of this falls.

And yes because I do have a soft spot in my heart and I am not all business, If you look at the bottom of the image and you follow the curve of the ice and the shape of the water fall it looks like a small heart!

Image Data: ISO 100. 22mm. F11 @ 1 second. Cokin P series filter holder with a circular polarizer.


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