Line Of Sight

Storm clouds over Lake Champlain with barge poles and a lighthouse. Burlington, Vermont

I made today’s image way back in December and it is also one of my last surviving long exposures that I took with the Big Stopper before it died on me. I have debated about posting this one since then but due to some uninspiring image making over the past few weeks I am posting this one in the hopes that it may break the small creative rut I am in. I am still shooting as much as I can but several of my outings have resulted in many images that I am not too crazy about. The lack of a winter has everyone here just waiting for the spring.

This image was difficult to compose and took me several attempts over a few weeks to get just right. This area here is home to our local sailing center and several docks normally wind their way around these barge poles. On one side is a fairly large fishing pier and parking lot and on the other is a boat docking area and boat crane. The only time to make this image is during the winter when the docks have been removed. I wanted to see all of the poles without any of them obscuring the others and here I off-centered the lighthouse just a bit to form a nice diagonal line to the foreground pole. I was also fortunate to get some of the bleak winter storm clouds we seem to have a lot of lately but without the resulting snow. To put it all into perspective usually at the time I made this shot you should be able to walk all the way out to the lighthouse on the ice but this year the ice is fairly close to the shore and right now it’s non existent.

Image Data: ISO 100. 32mm. F11 @ 69 seconds. UV filter and a Lee Big Stopper.


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