Dead Calm

Beach and rock outcropping. Oakledge Park. Burlington, Vermont

This is another composition that I have looked at for quite a while now and finally yesterday I was able to make a great shot here. The curve of the beach and the rock outcropping is rather abrupt making compositions with the trail of rocks at the end difficult. I haven’t been happy with previous attempts but this time I slowed myself down. Stuck with it and made an image I was happy with! I have been feeling quite frustrated with how much time I must spend with social media efforts and promoting myself over the past few weeks and it has begun to affect my work a little. I have not been shooting as much as I would like and the return on my time investment remains to be seen. However all of this had me a little depressed as of late but today’s image gave me a renewed passion for my landscape work. I briefly considered giving up landscape photography all together.

A storm front was moving into the area which you can see in the clouds here but the best part about making this image was the stillness in the water. The air was crisp and cold and not a ripple in the surface of the water…No long exposures needed! If you were to look to camera right you would see the city of Burlington on the edge of Lake Champlain. I used a polarizer here to fade the small pebbles in the water out into the distance and get rid of some glare rather than seeing all of the shadows of the rock outcropping. This image really worked for me and is probably the best image I have made in over a month.

Image Data: ISO 100. 17mm. F11 @ 0.3 seconds. UV filter and a Cokin P series circular polarizer.


7 thoughts on “Dead Calm

  1. I love this composition Andy! I’ve had to go back sometimes to capture what I was shooting for (pardon the pun) myself, more than once. That persistence really paid off this time, my friend! Great drama here, and I LOVE the leading line in the shore there! Top drawer, my friend.

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