Rock outcropping on Lake Champlain. Burlington, Vermont

This is one of those images where you make the best out of a bad shooting situation. On the day that I made this image there were terrible skies…Boring, flat cloud formations with little detail. I hate to think negatively in conditions like that and composing to eliminate the sky and clouds was my best bet here. I did however have very still waters and no wind making the water surface as smooth as glass. No long exposure was necessary here and due to the position of the rocks they were completely in shade with a nice and bright background.

I loved the texture on the rocks here and shot this for black and white visualizing the dark foreground and bright background. I think this made for a much better composition as I got rid of all of the distracting elements and boiled the image down to the essence of what makes up Lake Champlain. I am no geologist however this type of rock is very common in this area of Burlington having a pink hue with great shapes, cracks and textures.

Image Data: ISO 100. 17mm. F14 @ 1 second.


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