Lost Children

Abandoned home with ghost children in a layered image file. The HDR image of the home is my own. All of the other layers are courtesy of lostandtaken.com.

I was out shooting near a trail head around Mount Mansfield this week and I almost bypassed this abandoned home near the parking lot. I looked at the structure once and walked away but when I went back a second time I started getting the idea for this image. The structure is a really old home which is in really bad condition. I did not walk into the home as the upper floors are sagging and the ground floor has mostly fallen into the basement. I have looked at the home many times and shot a few HDR images of the outside but I never was quite satisfied with the results.

I love executing spur of the moment ideas like this as it keeps my mind refreshed and engaged in all of the other photography work that I do. While not my normal type of work I get to have a creative outlet for images other than landscapes. I got some good practice in with Perfect Layers 2 as this image had several different layers and some tricky masking for the children.

Here we have the original HDR image that I shot of the homes interior from outside of a broken window. While this image itself did not excite me I visualized it in my mind with the other textures. It did however spark the idea for the final image above and I am glad I gave this shot a second look!

Abandoned home layer. A three image HDR with my Canon 7d set to bracket at +/- 1 stop.

The texture layers were an old film layer and a scratched metal layer which I put together in a separate file to make the construction of the final image less confusing for me. In my own head sometimes it is hard to keep track of multiple layers! Below is the layers palette with all of the layers and their masks…

The layers Palette from Perfect Layers 2!


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