Granite blocks with drill holes near Lake Champlain. Perkins Pier. Burlington, Vermont.

Perkins Pier is one small section of our waterfront here in Burlington but an important one in terms of tourism and having a clear, unobstructed view of Lake Champlain. The pier itself has a medium-sized grassy area with benches to sit and is bordered by boat docks and a bike path. Many years ago the spot where I shot this image was a very busy port for much of the commercial activity on the lake as well as an extremely active logging industry. The ground under the pier is composed of old sawdust from the logging activity here, gravel fill and as you can see in the image huge granite blocks. If you look around most of these giant blocks have bore holes visible left over from the mining process.

Last week we had very unseasonably warm weather with no wind and smooth as glass water out on the lake. I noticed this series of bore holes and they reminded me of breadcrumbs leading out to the breakwater and lighthouse beyond. A tough shot here as the granite is low to the ground and uneven making a sharp image front to back near impossible. Here I made four images all at the same exposure….Three images were shot of the granite and one image I shot focused on the breakwater in the background. All four images were blended in Perfect Layers giving me a really sharp image all the way through.

Image Data: 4 images @ ISO 100. 22m. F11 @ 1/30. UV filter and a Cokin circular polarizer.


7 thoughts on “Breadcrumbs

  1. I like that the rock formation leads you out to a little lighthouse on the horizon. The faded hills are a great touch too! Nice work today!

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