Row Your Boat

Man on a rowboat near Perkins Pier. Lake Champlain. Burlington, Vermont.

A few weeks ago I was trying to get a different perspective on Perkins Pier and I set up for this shot here when this man in a row-boat happened to come into the frame! Sometimes the photography gods shine on you in unexpected ways and a few different factors converged and I was able to get this image. I took this image during a period of very warm spring weather and because of the high temps the water on Lake Champlain in the early mornings was as smooth as glass. The sun had risen about a half hour before this image and the light was bright but very even across the frame making for some easy exposures.

The moment unfolded before me very quickly and I was fortunate to have had my tripod and gear already set up and I was able to capture four frames of this man out on the water before he floated away for good. My goal here was to show the giant granite boulders that make up the pier in a unique way. The pier sits in a difficult position to get side views of it but there was just enough curve to the side here to let me get a nice, low angle and put these blocks of stone front and center! I got really nice sharpness in the frame all the way back and as an added bonus my polarizer cut the glare on the water and you could see more granite blocks under the water’s surface.

Image Data: ISO 100. 21mm. f11 @ 1/50. UV filter and a Cokin P series Circular Polarizer.


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