Look Into My Eyes

A teaser image of my model posing during my first boudoir/Glamor photo shoot!

Last week I did my first boudoir photo shoot and today’s image is just a teaser as I want to finish with the processing and get the images to my model. This style of photography is something that I have really wanted to get into for quite a few years but only in the past couple of years have I felt comfortable and confident enough to start working with more people and models. I have been feeling the need lately to branch out from shooting strictly landscapes and indulge some more creativity in shooting portraits, boudoir and glamor images. I really needed to see for myself if I could make a go at shooting these images.

My models place of work was kind enough to donate the space where we did the shoot, The backroom and offices of a shop which overlook’s the Burlington waterfront and Lake Champlain! The space was large and had nice, big windows which let me do some natural light work. My vision here was to do mostly natural light work and to convert these images into black and white. The main purpose was to get some experience, gain some more skill in dealing with models and giving direction and of course to make some awesome images!

The shoot went well and I did learn a lot from the session. My confidence in directing models is improving and I am getting much better at knowing when to move on to other poses when something is not working right. I also learned quite a bit on the post processing side with a lot of help from OnOne software’s Perfect Layers, Perfect Portrait and some Focal Point 2 as well. I am working on some technique posts using these programs to fine tune a portrait like the one above.


3 thoughts on “Look Into My Eyes

  1. This is a line of photography I would also like to do. I have a done a limited amount of this in wedding shoots where I have photographed the bride and bridesmaid getting dressed, having hair done and so on…but I think boudoir and glamour are quite challenging to do. I have no idea how to start though – where to source models as their rates are quite high, and my regular clients are not ready for this and quite shy…

    Well done Andy!

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