Three image HDR capture of trees and forest floor at Niquette Bay State Park in Colchester, Vermont.

I rarely shoot HDR images anymore however as I was setting up for this image the sun peaked above a rock ledge to camera right making exposure and metering a challenge. The light was very even just a few seconds before this image was made. My original intention was to do a focus stacked image with the moss-covered rock in the foreground and my composition was slightly different as well. I was drawn to the moss-covered rocks here sticking out of the leaves on the ground…It reminded me of a seascape or a pond where only the tops of the rocks are visible above the water’s surface.

Nature does not always cooperate with our photography plans so I set up for a HDR image. With my tripod all the way down on the ground and slightly above the foreground rock I nestled into the leaves and mud to make my three images! While I was pleased with how this image came out I do have one pet peeve about it and HDR in general…Sometimes HDR processing can do “funky” things to your skies as in the above image. It was a clear blue day and yet the tones in the sky go from blue to aqua. There is no fixing this when it happens and it made me hesitate about posting this one.

Image Data: Three images. ISO 100. 17mm. F11 @1/6, 1/25/ .6. UV Filter and a Cokin Circular Polarizer.


7 thoughts on “Change

  1. I like the composition here Andy! Clear skies are the worst for HDR and masking from one of the brackets seems to be the best way to correct the woes they can cause. Tree branches stretching across a clear sky are especially annoying 🙂

  2. Hi Andy – I like the shot. HDR does funky things but like I said in my HDR blog the other day – one must regard it as another art form. It is an expression of the photographer’s view not only while taking the shot but while “developing” it. Funky does not invalidate it at all. Some shots may look better with HDR, others may not. That is the photographer’s decision as artist. My next challenge is to do “HDR” in camera – i.e., without multiple exposures using only filters – wish me luck 🙂

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