Hands Of God

Sunburst above an old, petrified tree in a beaver pond. Smugglers Notch, Vermont.

This old tree and I have a love/ Hate relationship. Every time I have visited the area where this tree is located I have always been there with the sun in the perfect position in the sky to be directly above the tree. I have taken similar shots here with only a few that I really do like. This one came out well but I really liked the sunburst itself and the pieces of the tree at the top. They reminded me of outstretched hands reaching for the sky, possibly looking for some divine intervention.

This shot is difficult to make because of how the base of the tree is shaped. Part of the base sticks out of the ground in an odd way keeping me from getting to close to the trunk. Because of the shifting sun and how the tree is shaped I had to shoot this one handheld. I upped my ISO so I could get shutter speeds which would make walking around the trunk and shooting more manageable.

The tree here is in a pretty active beaver pond in a valley at the base of Mount Mansfield. Lucky for me the ground in the area is still frozen…Hiking in this area can be done in the warmer months but getting some good compositions can be more challenging because of the marshy ground conditions.

Image Data: ISO 400. 27mm. F22 @ 1/60.


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