Water worn rocks and forest at Old Mill Park in Jericho, Vermont.

Water can be a very powerful element in nature and I wanted to show the effects of its power in today’s image without actually showing much water. This image was made at Old Mill Park which sits on about 12 acres along the Brown’s River in Jericho, Vermont. The park is interesting in that one of the most photographed buildings in Vermont sits on the site but also that most of this stretch of the river is unremarkable with the exception of this small area which is at the base of a small hill. The river leading up to these rocks is quite boring however the rocks surrounding the base of the cliffs here has been worn away smooth giving it the appearance of a moonscape.

While compositions here are difficult because of the tight quarters and extremely smooth rocks there are all kinds of small pools and shallow areas here to take advantage of in compositions. (If you don’t mind sitting in water and getting wet that is!) Here I wanted to show how the water has smoothed out the rocks over time with a strong foreground fading back to the forest beyond. The greenish blue color is actually present in the rocks which are as smooth as glass. This is a three image composite blended for focus in Perfect Layers 2 and finished in Lightroom 4.

Image Data: ISO 100. 17mm. F13 @ 0.8.


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