Leaves and waterfall in Bolton, Vermont.

The spring colors are finally starting to show themselves here in Vermont and after making a ton of black and white images throughout the Winter I thought it was time to start injecting a little color into my photo blog. This waterfall is part of a much larger series of waterfalls, pools and rocky streambeds in Bolton, Vermont. This area is halfway up the Bolton access road to a small ski area about 45 minutes away from where I live in Burlington. I love this area because it is quiet and out-of-the-way however because of its position on the mountain, Receives a ton of sunshine quite early in the morning. There really is not much to block the sun past about eight and the rocky nature of the area means lots of sunlight glaring off of rocks. This location is a get up early and hope a huge bank of clouds roll through the area!

The leaves here caught my eye due to their color and contrast with the green around them. I thought about how they had probably been sitting there all Winter in a state of suspended animation under ice and snow waiting for the warmth of Spring. This shot was tricky because behind the foreground leaves is a sheer four-foot drop so to make this image I had to dangle myself off of the ledge and over the drop all while composing and shooting a series of images for focus stacking and blending! fortunately the water runs off to camera right and I maintained a small level of dryness while shooting the images.

This image is a composite of three sharp captures..One each for the fore, middle and background. I shot a series of several images to overlap the focus but ended up choosing the three best ones that I liked. I blended the images in Perfect Layers 2 and finished editing in Lightroom 4. I also did some very slight dodging and burning on specific areas to move the eye from the leaves into the waterfall.

Image Data: ISO 100. 17mm. F13 @ 1.3 seconds. Three image composite shot with a Cokin P series Circular polarizer.


8 thoughts on “Stasis

  1. I just love you LE waterfall shots Andy and this is a class example of why. The framing is perfect, the contrast of the leaves at the foreground is brilliant and the colours and tones are pleasing throughout, the exposure is spot on as well.
    All in an amazing image that has it all.

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