Shoreline of Lake Champlain from Oakledge Park in Burlington, Vermont.

I love stumbling upon new compositions in locations that I have visited and photographed many times. It always amazes me that I can visit a place over and over and just when I think I have exhausted all of its potential I plop down on a rock to soak in the view and up pops a new composition! The park that I shot today’s image in is about five minutes away from where I live and a good spot to jump-start a day of photography.

On this particular stormy day I walked all over this park and really did not like any of the compositions that i was trying. The rocky point here is tough to shoot straight on but when I sat down to look at some lower angle compositions this image jumped out at me. The rocks here and their razor like edges reminded me of some giant fish rising up out of the water to catch their next meal.

The long exposure worked here because of the great cloud movement and the rocks sliding into to water. This is the first decent long exposure I have made since getting my replacement 10 stop back from Lee. The weather has been most uncooperative lately in making long exposures however Spring has just begun!

Image Data: ISO 100. 19mm. F11 @ 129 seconds. UV Filter and a Lee Big Stopper 10 stop neutral density filter.


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