Worms Eye View

New forest growth and waterfalls on the Browns River in Underhill, Vermont.

May is one of my favorite months here in Vermont. It’s not too hot and we get enough wet weather that the forests are bare one minute and exploding with life the next. This Spring we have had good, wet weather followed by days of sun which make the forest floor and the trees really come alive with the color green that Vermont is famous for. I look for a specific set of weather conditions when I head out to make waterfall images and this day was an exceptional one for forest and waterfall images.

The conditions I look for are overcast days with strong cloud cover and a chance for rain but where it does not actually rain. The day I made this shot we had heavy rains the night before followed by a cooler day which added some nice fog into my shots. I thought the worms eye view perspective here would be a unique twist on a waterfall image. All of the new growth surrounding the base of the tree here draws you in and to the waterfall beyond. As you can see from the image the streams and rivers are running strong now and I am trying to get as many shots as I can before the water levels drop down again in the heat of the Summer.

In this shot there was a slight drizzle coming down but not enough to make me stop shooting. I blended three images here for focus and this one proved a little challenging. Two images were for the foreground and one for the background and there are all of these small branches and grasses sticking up making blending a challenge but not impossible! I scrapped a first version as it was blended well but not quite up to my standards so I started over and finally perfected the blend the way I wanted.

Image Data: ISO 100. 17mm. F11 @ .8. Cokin circular polarizer. The first two images were for the immediate foreground keeping the small leaves and shrubs here sharp. The third image was for focus on the waterfall and trees beyond.


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