White Elephant

Exposed roots and white tree trunk on the Browns River in Underhill, Vermont.

On my first attempt at shooting this tree I set up my gear and was starting to compose the shot when a hard rain started and I had to retreat and wait for better conditions. This second attempt a few weeks later was a success as I was able to get the tree, roots and background all sharp in a composite image that I merged in Perfect Layers. This is a small section of the Browns River whose waters trickle down from the top of Mount Mansfield all the way down through the towns of Underhill and Jericho. The entire area is a source of photographic inspiration as it embodies what Vermont is to me.

This shot was a challenge to pull off as the exposed roots here are flanked by the river bank and some rocks to camera left. It is hard to tell from this image but I had to crouch into a small hollow of rocks right next to the bank to make this image. I really liked the unusual coloring of the roots and I thought they made a nice foreground leading you into this image.The tree here reminded me of a large elephant and it’s trunk I suppose as a sort of guide to follow the river upstream. It is rather strange to see tree roots in this area with a white coloring like this…It’s the only one I have ever come across hiking here. If you are a photographer and you ever make it to Vermont I would highly recommend the area for shooting.

Image Data: ISO  100. 20mm. F11 @ 2 seconds. UV filter and a Cokin P series circular polarizer.


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