Maple leaf, Rock and waterfall on the Browns River in Underhill, Vermont.

We love our maple trees here in Vermont. In the Spring after the small buds turn into leaves they develop a light green color which is by far my favorite shade. With Summer the color morphs into a deep, intense green that surrounds every nook from our larger cities to the more rural towns. While the Maple tree is not exclusive to Vermont it is a great source of pride for all of us here as the trees provide not only beauty and shade but a whole host of food products including the liquid gold that is on any good Vermonters shelf…Maple syrup.

I have been smitten with the more intimate details of the streams and rivers as we go from Spring to Summer. The greens are really vibrant this year and the cool, rainy weather has turned the river banks into a wealth of photo ops. I found this little guy on one of my many trips up the Browns River. I wanted to really showcase the small leaves and some dodging and burning was necessary in several spots to make the leaves really stand out. The original images I used for this composite had flat lighting on the rock and leaves. I tried to keep the lighting as natural as possible while following the s curve from the top of the falls here down to the leaves.

This composite was made up of four images. Three captures were for sharpness of the leaves and rock and the last was for the rocks and waterfall in the background. The real challenge here was keeping the rock sharp as it slopes away from the camera. The dodging and burning was an experiment for me in doing these touch-ups in multiple areas. I suppose it was artistic license but I had a specific look here I was going for. I blended these shots in Perfect Layers 2 and did the finishing in Lightroom 4.

Image Data: ISO 100. 22mm. F11 @ 1.3 seconds. UV filter and a Cokin P series circular polarizer.


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