Misty Morning

Fog and morning drizzle. Stevensville Brook. Underhill, Vermont.

Finally after many months of slacking I got an upgrade for Nik Silver Efex Pro and I had a chance to use it with this image! I have been waiting to do some black and white conversions because I am not a huge fan of the presets in Lightroom 4. While they are good I think Silver Efex Pro works much better for this purpose. While out for a hike several weeks ago and after a night of heavy rain I was greeted to this awesome fog in the woods here along Stevensville Brook.

The slight drizzle and threat of more serious rain did not dampen my spirits as I made this image. The conditions were ripe here for some atmospheric images with the fog and light rain so I took full advantage! I ended up focus stacking this image as there were far too many planes of focus here to get the image sharp with just one shot. I wanted to trees and fog in the background to really be alive and have some snap so a three image composite was in order. Two images were for the foreground and rocks to the right and the last was for the background and fog. It’s amazing that while walking upstream here the fog was pretty wimpy but as I turned around here to look downstream it was pretty intense! I think it adds a little mystery to the image.

Image Data: ISO 100. 17mm. F11 @ 2 seconds. Three image composite for focus. Shot with a Cokin P series circular polarizer.


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