Stuck On You

Maple leaf with raindrops on a branch of Stevensville Brook in Underhill, Vermont.

The heat of Summer is finally descending on Vermont and the rivers and brooks are not running quite as strong as they were in the spring. I don’t shoot as many waterfall images in the Summer months but I managed to capture a good deal of images with the good Spring we had this year. The wet weather has lead to a ton of growth along the rivers and on occasion even in the Spring you may get a leaf or two that get knocked down to the ground by some strong wind or a storm.

I caught this little guy on a hike a few weeks ago up a brook that I hike pretty extensively. It was foggy and drizzly….A photographers dream conditions. This leaf happened to be in quite a difficult shooting position stretching both the limits of my tripod and my limbs! To shoot this image I had to set up my between two rocks and over a waterfall but the way the rocks were positioned I could only compose through the viewfinder with my head crooked to one side with my legs braced against the rocks below the tripod! All this while shooting multiple images!

Image Data: two images shot for focus and exposure levels. ISO 100. 29mm. F11 @ 2.5 seconds and 4 seconds. UV filter and a Cokin P series circular polarizer.


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