Stepping Stones

Fallen Maple leaf and stones with waterfall. Stevensville Brook. Underhill, Vermont

I am always amazed at the variety of photo opportunities that nature can provide even in areas that I have shot in a thousand times. I take it as a personal challenge to show locations I have been coming to for years in a brand new light. Over the past year I have been focusing more and more on the more intimate details in the landscape rather than the broad, sweeping grandscape. These tighter shots and compositions really help me to frame out any unnecessary details in an image but they also give it a sense of place.I want myself and the viewer to feel like they are at the spot where I made the image…Like they are a part of the landscape.

Today’s image was a blended composite for focus of three images…One for the foreground leaf, One for the rocks in the middle and one for the rocks and waterfall in the background. I have to be careful in these blended images because of the water movement from frame to frame and the different planes of focus from rock to rock. At the very least your technique gets better the more difficult the blend. Here I managed to get all of the rocks and leaf sharp and the water texture didn’t give me any trouble in compositing!

Image Data: Three images shot at ISO 100. 21mm. F11 @ 2.5 seconds. UV filter and a Cokin Circular polarizer.


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