Come To Rest

Leaf on rock with waterfall. Stevensville Brook. Underhill, Vermont

This leaf reminded me a little of Fall when the leaves change and how they take quite a journey from the upper canopy down to the forest floor. Even though this shot is from the late Spring I do love the randomness of where these leaves can fall. This one is on the top of a steep and sloping section of Stevensville Brook where the rock has been worn away smooth by the flowing water. At this section there are some deeper, strangely shaped pools which are difficult to compose with the way the water is running. Really tight quarters here and sometimes you really have to contort yourself to get your shot!

This one fortunately was on a pretty level piece of rock and I liked the wall of rushing water behind it. The only thing that bothered me about this shot was the small stick in the frame but it’s out of the way and not intruding much into the image. This one took four blended images to get the focus and the sharpness that I wanted. Three images were for the leaf and rock foreground and a separate image shot for exposure and sharpness of the background. The rock here slopes in some unusual ways so the extra images were necessary to get the look I was going for.

Image Data: Three foreground images shot at ISO 100. 20mm. F11 @ 1.6 seconds. The background image was shot at 2.5 seconds. UV filter and a Cokin p series circular polarizer.


9 thoughts on “Come To Rest

  1. i was standing in our yard this morning and saw a leaf gently float to the ground. i thought, “what are the odds of being here at that moment?” … a lovely scene you’ve captured here.

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