Bathed In Gods Light

Trees in fog on Mount Mansfield by Vermont landscape photographer Andy Gimino

Nature can often throw us curve balls and unexpected lighting conditions when we venture out into the natural world to photograph. It is our job, Our passion as visual artists to make the most of these situations and no subject is as fertile or as varied as the light that bathes the landscape. We see and capture the world through our lenses and then we bring those images to life in the editing process. We are tellers of a story in a visual medium and often that can mean bringing out elements in an image that were there all along but were not visible at the moment of capture.

I made this image up on Mount Mansfield while hiking one day and it was really a test shot for exposure and not so much about the composition. As I was looking for an image for this post I came across this one and immediately saw the look that I wanted for the final version here. It took quite a bit of processing in Lightroom, Silver Efex Pro 2 and Focal Point 2 but I wanted the sun which was obscured by the fog to really be center stage here. As you can see in this screen shot it took a nit to get the final look…

Image Data: ISO 400. 39mm. F11 @ 1/160th.

Screen capture of control points in an image of Mount Mansfield in Underhill, Vermont


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