Down To Earth

Lightning strike and Summer storm over Lake Champlain.

I have been on vacation for over a week and this frame greeted me when I got back and was processing a memory card full of images! This storm rolled in over Lake Champlain the day before we left to go camping so I grabbed my gear and headed down to the waterfront. I saw a bunch of chatter on Twitter about this approaching storm and I was really thinking about a time-lapse and while I was shooting that I grabbed my camera and shot a bunch of frames.

I really respect the people who do stormchasing and lightning images as I can say I pretty much am terrible at it. We don’t get many serious storms with great looking clouds very often but I gave this one a shot. Conditions were too bright to just keep the shutter open so I set a shutter speed and the drive mode to high-speed continuous and hoped for the best. It’s difficult to just sit there with your eye to the viewfinder just waiting but it paid off in this one shot over a small lighthouse out on the breakwater!

The clouds were pretty dull in this storm so to add a little dimension I added in a couple of textures just to give it some oomph and interest rather than the flat wall of clouds with no detail.

Image Data: ISO 800. 17mm. F4 @ 1/200.






6 thoughts on “Down To Earth

  1. Andy I love this shot – minimal and a nice processing tone and feel ! I don’t see enough storms like this down here unless it is during a drenching rain.. well captured

  2. I like this one a lot. see a thunder is freeze and a building next to it on a plain field, it just make you feel equally shock like you are struck by the thunder too.

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