A Rivers Rage

A Maple leaf with water drops along Stevensville Brook after a rain storm. Underhill, Vermont.

It has been hotter than normal here but I can say that we have had some great periods of rain and wet weather this Summer which makes for great waterfall work! I usually don’t shoot as many waterfall images because of the dry conditions but we have been lucky here and I take every opportunity to shoot that I can get. I hike this brook a lot and normally I can walk around through the water all through the image here but on this visit I was surprised with the amount of water coming down.

The night before I made this shot we had pretty bad storms in the area that dumped a lot of rain in a very short period of time. A perfect opportunity to shoot with all of the water and the leftover storm clouds over the Mount Mansfield area which made for good shooting conditions. The trailhead that this brook runs along sits at the base of the mountain so all the water that runs off comes through this brook and on down into the towns of Underhill and Jericho.

I focus stacked this image using one frame for the foreground rock and leaf with another frame for the water and background. There is a small unfocused area on the rock behind the leaf but I felt as the leaf was the focal point here I left it in rather than trying to spend hours stitching in an extra frame in the focus stack. This is due to how the rock slopes away from the camera here than anything else, I had the frame to add in but in this case it wasn’t necessary.

Image Data: ISO 200. 17mm. F11 @ 4 seconds for the foreground and 5 seconds for the background image. Cokin P series circular polarizer. Blended in Perfect Layers 2 and finished in Lightroom 4.


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