Once It Was New

Image from Acadia National Park in Maine taken by Vermont Photographer Andy Gimino.

Over the past several weeks I have been experimenting with making my own textures for use in my images. I have a huge library of images in Lightroom that I really enjoy looking at however for one reason or another I am not happy with them enough to post here on my blog. I really try to reserve my best work for blog posts however these images I have set aside for use with textures. I am a do-it yourself kind of person when it comes to my photography work and making textures on my own is an extension of that. I don’t do texture work too often but I am toying with the idea of making this a weekly feature on the blog.

I shot this image in Acadia National Park last year when we went to Maine on vacation. (Here is an image from Jordan Pond inside the park!) My wife and I were hiking around the main park area and we made a slight detour off the trail we were on and found this scene. I liked the old fence posts and rocks here however when I processed these I wasn’t too crazy about how the final image turned out. I ended up never sharing this one but I did like it enough to keep in my Lightroom catalog.

I also made the paper texture layer here out of a plain sheet of copy paper and a few hours of time to shape it just the way I wanted. Bringing out the nuances in the paper is more of a challenge. I scanned the paper texture into my computer but a straight scan need some work in Lightroom to bring out the most in the paper. The light from the scanner tends to brighten the white paper and you start to lose some of the unique qualities in the folds and creases on the paper. It took some trial and error adjusting the Highlights, midtones and shadows but in the end I think I got what I was looking for. I also did some adjusting with the adjustment brush on the paper texture as the low points of the creases needed some shadow adjustment so you could see them better.

I tweaked the image file in Lightroom to give it a faded old school feel and added some grain into it as well. I added a vignette to the edges and free formed the somewhat blown out highlights to make the image as a whole look a bit more natural. We loved our time here in Acadia and plan to return and I am glad to finally be sharing this image!

Here are some other images from our trip to Maine!

“By The Shore.”  http://wp.me/p1eczO-go  

“To The Sea.” http://wp.me/p1eczO-i8

“Banding Together.” http://wp.me/p1eczO-ij

“Where’s The Boat.” http://wp.me/p1eczO-ji


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