Portrait Shoot Outtake: Nichole

An outtake of my portrait session with Nichole!

A finished Facebook timeline image from our portrait shoot.

A few nights ago I did a portrait shoot with the fabulous Nichole and we had a really fun time shooting! By Day she does graphic design and marketing but off work she is also an actor. The goal with our shoot was just to get her some new head shots and Facebook timeline images and with the finished shots I think she will have more than a few great images to promote herself!

It was a pretty simple shoot, Nothing fancy or rushed and Nichole was a great sitter. The first image is really an outtake shot just to check for exposure for my flash. All of the images I shot were with my Canon 430 ex 2 and because I forgot to bring my really short off camera shoe cord I had to use my long 16 footer that I normally use in landscape work. The bottom image is for her Facebook timeline and with these I decided to give her a black and white version as well. Once I deliver her final images then be on the lookout for my post with all of her finished portraits!


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