Tread Lightly

Small ferns and waterfall on Stevensville Brook in Underhill, Vermont.

Walking along the streams here is always a lot of fun because there are always photo ops right under your feet! I think the combination of some type of forest growth or leaves with a waterfall or other forest feature makes for a great composition. Often I plan to hike mountains and end up having too much fun shooting along these stream beds for hours at a time. These types of compositions to me really give the viewer a sense of where you are along with showing the area in a unique way. I think it gives your eye places to roam within the image and I am always trying to figure out how to shoot waterfall images in new and different way.

Today’s image consists of three frames blended in Perfect Layers 2. I made two shots for the foreground growth and one shot focusing on the waterfall and forest beyond. No exposure frame was needed for the background so all three frames were shot at 10 seconds and i had a Cokin P series circular polarizer on my lens. The thing that pulled me into this one was the combination of the foreground and the streaks in the water from the stream flow. I like the how shooting low can really make the foreground seem much larger than it is….These ferns are quite small, Each only a few inches long. It can be daunting sometimes looking for these compositions while being careful not to trample the delicate growth!

Image Data: ISO 100. 17mm. F11 @ 10 seconds.


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