Mornings First Kiss

Sunrise, Storm clouds, Boats and Flowers on Lake Champlain. Burlington, Vermont.

After spending the past five months hiking streams and mountains I decided to get up at sunrise this week and do a little shooting down on the waterfront. I am always on the hunt in familiar territory to come up with new and original ways to shoot locations. Here I was walking along a bike path which runs along Lake Champlain for several miles in either direction and I came across the really pretty flowers growing among the rocks which make up the edges of the lake in Burlington.

This composition posed a challenge because of the slope of the rocks leading to the water’s edge and the bike path is composed of asphalt on top of loose gravel. The loose gravel posed the biggest challenge as here I am only a few inches off of the ground and sitting on the razor-sharp gravel was painful to say the least. However I really enjoyed seeing the first rays of the sun striking these flowers so I had to make an image here! The other challenge was the wind…It was light but causing enough movement to make shooting this composition a bit tricky. The sun rises from behind the camera position and as a result of the buildings and obstructions behind me it gave the image some darker areas among the rocks which I also really liked.

I shot a series of 15 images here at various focus points and exposures. I really wanted detail from front to back here along with being able to preserve the great light I was getting in the foreground of the image. I chose two images which when combined gave me the sharpness I was looking for. The light was dancing among these flowers and the shadow of the rocks and as an added bonus a storm system came through the area giving me some beautiful clouds as a backdrop for the boats!
Image Data: Two images shot for focus and exposure. ISO 200. 17mm. F11 @ 1/100 and 1/125 for the background clouds to preserve some detail.


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