Marketing My Work

A postcard mailer I created for my small photography business!

In an effort to promote myself and my photography business a bit more I decided to do a small print run of postcards to send out to the Marketing departments of various businesses here in town. It took me quite awhile to settle on the design for this and I tried several variations. In the end I went with a more minimal and clean presentation for the images. This is the actual card with the printing bleed but when the card is trimmed it will look a bit better. I don’t have Photoshop so the card was a pain in the butt to design but I managed to put it together in Perfect Layers 2.

As an added freebie I am going to throw into the envelope two sticker designs as well! I thought it would be nice to add in something unique…Let me know what you think! Any thoughts, ideas or suggestions?

Here is the first sticker which I made from an image I shot last year along with a paper texture I made. Throw in some dryer lint on top of the scanner glass with the paper texture and you have an aged, Instagram like image!

Here is the second sticker from an image I shot last week at sunrise! I really liked this shot and I thought it would compliment the other one. Plus it’s from a location in Burlington that people know.


9 thoughts on “Marketing My Work

  1. I think these look fabulous Andy…good luck with the mailer. One suggestion though…have you thought of getting a dedicated url (by dropping “wordpress”) I did it with my site and it was really inexpensive.

  2. You’ve done a first class job there. The Font is just right, clean and neat and the layout of the card looks good – not over complicated but gets the message across. Nice work. My son’s a graphic designer and I’m sure he would approve.

  3. I really love these, Andy! This is a great idea; one of the hardest parts about gaining business in this sector is getting your name out there. I really love what you’ve done here with your material and work, I think it speaks perfectly about you and your practice. We wish you the very best of luck!

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