I Followed The Rivers Edge

Riverbank and waterfall in Underhill, Vermont

I love to walk along the streams here in the Spring and Summer because of the sheer variety of photographic opportunities that you can find if you keep an open mind and pay attention to your surroundings. The stream that is here in today’s image is a great location to shoot as it has a few tributaries to explore all of which explode with this vibrant green color throughout the Spring and Summer months. This location can’t be beat as it is along a trail system which goes up Mount Mansfield and is less than a half hour from my house making it easily accessible for most of the year.

This image is a blend of three captures which I shot for focus and exposure. I liked all of the really small vegetation here with the backdrop of the waterfall but getting only a few inches off of the ground really throws the background out of focus and not what I am looking for. I needed two exposures for the foreground vegetation and one for the waterfall which was a little bit slower than the foreground so as not to blow out the highlights in the water. The images were blended in Perfect Layers 2 and finished in Lightroom.

Image Data: ISO 100. 17mm. F11 @ 10 seconds for the foreground images and 8 seconds for the background image. I used a Cokin P series circular polarizer and a Induro short center column on my tripod.


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