Riding Along

Bicycle rider on the Burlington, Vermont bike path with an antique film look.

I have been prepping my Spring images for a submission and I came across this little gem in my image files. My original intention was to put some motion blur into this image but at the time when I took it I decided against it and moved on to other images. Today I gave this one a second look and I thought to myself that this would look great with a subtle old school film look to it. I liked the composition with the rider between the two trees and I really did not want to delete this one.

I happened to be walking out on the waterfront here when the rider came along. I liked the symmetry of the two trees and I was looking to capture some kind of activity between them. You really get an impressive view of Lake Champlain from this area and I wanted to do something with all the different elements in this image. The original image is rather ordinary looking with a lot of blue sky but nothing a little texture or two wouldn’t fix. I first applied the direct positive preset in Lightroom along with a vignette to the image and then imported into Perfect Layers. Here I added in an orange color fill layer with two pretty subtle textures to age the image. The last thing I did was to desaturate the image just a bit to give it a worn out look. Along with some slight blur to the rider as he was passing by, This image looks straight out of a different era!

The original image as shot with no edits. Really bland and boring to begin with!

Image Data: ISO 400. 21mm. F11 @1/200th.


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