Night Sky

Stars and the night sky over Burlington, Vermont from Oakledge Park.

I had the chance the other night with crystal clear skies to do a bit of night shooting! I was actually out shooting the sunset over Lake Champlain but I managed to stay well after the sun had set so I took advantage of the night sky over my home town. I met and struck up a conversation with a fellow photographer and while we were talking I decided to make this image by leaving the shutter open for a few minutes. The sunset was so-so with no clouds and I wasn’t crazy about the color either but I do love that time just after sunset when the stars start to come out.

I really liked the skyline and the lights of the city so I placed this low in the frame with the sky dominating the composition. I thought the lights and reflections of Burlington made a nice anchor for the sky above. I shot this image from a park in town that is a few miles south from the city center but only about 5 minutes from my home. While there was some light pollution from the city I did like the glow that appeared in the sky under the stars!

Image Data: ISO 400. 17mm. F11 @ 253 seconds. (Yes I shot at F11 but I really should have shot at F4!)




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