All The Things We Love

Maple tree with foliage in Autumn. Underhill, Vermont.

I like to challenge myself with different composition ideas from time to time and this Fall is no exception. I really wanted to try to get some more shape and textural images this year and today’s image has shape, texture and color all in one shot. Sometimes I have trouble picking out a good composition in a lot of chaos such as the downed tree limbs above but experimentation I think is the key to overcoming this. The tree is in one of my usual locations and the color of the foliage attracted me over to it and I had to try to get a good composition out of it!

This tree here is part of a larger downed tree that is rather large but the foliage is still alive and has been changing its color like normal. The day I shot this was overcast and had been rainy which added a really nice contrast between the lichen covered tree limbs and the colorful yellow and green leaves. I loved the shape of the branches crossing all over the frame and adding in the other elements made for a rather interesting composition.

Image Data: ISO 100. 29mm. F11 @ 2 seconds. Cokin P series circular polarizer.


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