Sweet Surrender

Maple leaf with water drops near a small waterfall. This is a new frame around my images with my social media sites. I thought this looked a bit cleaner than a watermark in the corner.

Autumn is a time of photographing color but there is a short window of time at the end of the foliage season where the leaves that have fallen to the ground still show a bit of color and have not completely dried out. It’s a great time to shoot black and whites as the colors can be drab but the contrast between the leaves and darker elements in the frame can be quite striking. I shoot mostly with a wide-angle lens but I like to use it to hone in on the most important elements in my composition rather than shooting the entire scene. Using the lens in this way forces me to really explore the area I am in and root out all possible images that may exist there.

I came across this leaf all by itself with my head down as usual exploring a series of waterfalls around the Smugglers Notch area. I have been up and down this stream many times but I always manage to find something new to shoot. The forest around this stream is very dense and it seems after every step that the trees are really trying to grab you! Difficult to move along but no impossible. This is a simple, minimalistic image with one shot and focused on the leaf itself. The waterfall tells a story of where we are in the image and the leaf contrasts nicely with the dark rock underneath. The leaf reminded me how it was surrendering itself to it’s coming demise and the approaching Winter.

Image Data: ISO 100. 33mm. F11 @ 2.5 seconds. Cokin P series circular polarizer.


5 thoughts on “Sweet Surrender

  1. ‘Simple, minimalistic image’ as you say but darned effective, Andrew! Well crafted and well shot. I like the framing too. Looks like a poster and I’m sure it could sell as a poster.

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